Ifo Institut: Weniger Lieferengpässe in der Industrie

Immer weniger Industrieunternehmen in Deutschland klagen über Materialengpässe. Im August waren es noch 24,4 Prozent, nach 29,5 Prozent im Juli. Das teilte das Münchener ifo Institut unter Verweis auf eine aktuelle Umfrage mit. „Die Entwicklung bewegt sich immer mehr in Richtung auf das Vorkrisenniveau“, teilte Klaus Wohlrabe, Leiter der ifo-Umfragen, mit.

For the first time since July 2021, the percentage of companies experiencing delivery issues in each individual industry has fallen below 50 percent, according to the institute. In more than half of the sectors, the value is even below the long-term average. The automotive industry remains the most affected, with approximately 49 percent of companies reporting supply shortages.

The share fell below 40 percent in the electrical industry. No fundamental problems can be found, for example, in the beverage industry (7.2 percent), the paper industry (2.1 percent), or in metal production and processing. „Manufacturers of leather products are completely worry-free,“ the ifo Institute announced.