„Ich kann es nicht umformulieren“

Chinesischer Kostenvorteil von 35 Prozent gegenüber dem deutschen Konkurrenzprodukt von Volkswagen: BYD Seal bei der IAA in München. Bild: AFP

The President of the EU Commission plans to take action against car subsidies in China. The German automotive industry is concerned about the extent of these subsidies and the sudden increase in China’s export of electric cars.

Who are the largest exporters of electric cars in China?

JThe third electric car, including plug-in hybrids, that is exported from China is a Tesla. The Tesla factory in Shanghai produces a significant portion for export. In just the first eight months of this year, the company shipped 235,000 vehicles, while selling nearly 400,000 cars in the country, according to the consulting firm Automobility. In second place is market leader BYD, the largest manufacturer of electric cars and plug-in hybrids in the world. BYD exported approximately half as many vehicles as Tesla, with 125,000.

What is the amount of subsidies provided by China for electric vehicles?

Gustav Theile

Wirtschaftskorrespondent für China mit Sitz in Schanghai.

The People’s Republic has been supporting electric cars for over 15 years through direct assistance to manufacturers, support in supply chains, discounted loans, and consumer incentives such as bonuses and tax relief. Additionally, many manufacturers are state-owned enterprises. However, the most successful electric car producers are private companies. It is difficult to quantify the total amount of assistance provided. Until 2022, tax relief amounted to over 200 billion RMB (26 billion euros), said Vice Minister of Finance Xu Hongcai in June. The measure has been extended for 4 years, which according to the government corresponds to a volume of approximately 67 billion euros. Purchase bonuses have expired. Many other countries also provide similar support to buyers and manufacturers.