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Finanzminister Lindner: Sorge um den sozialen Frieden

Finanzminister Lindner: Sorge um den sozialen Frieden

Foto: Odd Andersen / AFP

The Building Directive for better energy efficiency is an important EU climate protection law, but it faces significant reservations from Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner. „I consider this directive to be extremely dangerous – not only in terms of the principle of economic rationality, which states that we should invest money where it has the best effect on the climate in conjunction with our economic competitiveness,“ said the FDP politician to the news portal „Politico“. „Also in terms of social peace, because people could get the impression that politics makes it difficult for them to live in their own homes and afford it.“

The proposal for mandatory renovations for old buildings is currently being discussed in Brussels. The EU Commission presented this proposal because buildings are responsible for approximately 40 percent of energy consumption and about one-third of greenhouse gas emissions in the EU, according to their information. Improving insulation or using modern heating systems in houses can reduce energy demand.

Criticism arises due to concerns that many homeowners may face high renovation costs. The EU member states and the European Parliament still need to reach a compromise before the regulations can come into effect.

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Lindner criticized that the money is being partially allocated to the wrong areas. According to him, the priority should rather be on advancing the transition of the industry towards climate-friendliness in the energy supply sector. He firmly believes that the problem is not the availability of public capital, but rather the attractiveness for private capital. Lessons have been learned from the German heating law.

On this Wednesday, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, will deliver her annual State of the Union address in the European Parliament. Among other topics, she is expected to discuss the implementation of plans for increased climate protection.