„I cannot reword“

Bo is a master of transformation: the child becomes a parrot, a bear, a walrus, a giraffe, and a bat – all in a single evening. It’s actually a very normal evening, like millions of children experience every day around the world. Just moments ago, they were playing on the sofa when Mom or Dad comes with the dreaded reminder: It’s late. Dinner, brushing teeth, off to bed!

This story begins in a similar way, but Bos Mama can skip the second sentence. Standing on one leg on the armrest of the sofa, her son claims to be a parrot and says he is already asleep. For the sake of convincing acting, the little one closes his eyes, at least for a moment. And then something amazing happens: instead of trying to quickly pull her child away from the game and urge them to the dining table, bathroom, and bed, the mother engages in the play, even later driving it forward herself and transforming into animal characters with her son.