Handwerk: Handwerkspräsident warnt vor Kollaps der Baubranche

Handwerkspräsident Jörg Dittrich hat vor einem Zusammenbruch der Baubranche und den Folgen für die Beschäftigten im Handwerk gewarnt. „Wir fahren beim Bau mit hohem Tempo auf eine Mauer zu und die Bundesregierung schafft es einfach nicht, auf die Bremse zu treten“, sagte Dittrich der Bild am Sonntag laut Vorabbericht. 

„The construction industry, with its 2.33 million employees, is a key sector for the crafts industry. And this sector is currently at risk of collapsing completely.“ Projects that were decided and financed several years ago are still being carried out. However, the funding for future construction projects has significantly declined. „If the government does not take countermeasures, this will result in a reduction of capacities,“ Dittrich added.

Dittrich criticized that although the traffic light constantly talks about „deregulation“ and „unleashing“, it ultimately does nothing. „The regulations are still just as complicated, the approved funding programs are a drop in the bucket. If the government were serious about supporting the construction industry, for example, they would support home builders with KfW loans at a guaranteed interest rate.“

In September, Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Minister of Construction Klara Geywitz invited to a housing summit. Dittrich demands that additional ministers participate in the round. „Given the dramatic situation, I expect Minister of Economy Robert Habeck and Minister of Finance Christian Lindner to be present so that the right decisions can be made immediately.“