Hamburg-Altona: Zwei Verletzte nach Schlägerei mit bis zu 50 Beteiligten

Fahrzeuge der Hamburger Polizei: Massenschlägerei mit Macheten

Fahrzeuge der Hamburger Polizei: Massenschlägerei mit Macheten

Foto: Markus Scholz / dpa

According to a spokesperson from the Hamburg Police Control Center, two teenagers were slightly injured in a mass brawl on Friday evening.

The investigators believe that two large groups of teenagers were involved in the brawl. They apparently encountered each other near the Altona district school. There may have been up to 50 individuals.

Schnittwunde am Kopf

According to initial findings by the police, a 15-year-old sustained a cut on the head, while a 16-year-old suffered a cut on the stomach and eye irritation from pepper spray. The spokesperson for the police stated that the pepper spray was not used by the police, but rather within the groups involved.

Residents heard gunshot-like noises and alerted the police, who arrived in large numbers. When the first responders arrived at the scene, the police reported that the youth groups had already dispersed.

The officials then searched the area around the city school, and a police helicopter was also deployed. According to reports, the authorities found batons, machetes, and knives in bushes near the city school.