Grünheide: Heil zeigt sich wegen Arbeitsunfällen bei Tesla „tief besorgt“

BundesarbeitsministerHubert Heil (SPD) expressed concern about a high number of work accidents at the factory of the US electric car manufacturer Tesla in Grünheide. „In Germany, occupational safety protects lives in case of doubt, and that is why I am deeply concerned about the news that has come out about a large company,“ Heil told RTL and n-tv. He expects authorities to carry out thorough inspections.

Bei Tesla in Grünheide soll es seit 2021 mehrere schwere ArbeitsunfälleThe given information states that Tesla reported at least 190 accidents in Grünheide between June and November 2022, which is nearly one per day. Since the factory’s opening in March 2022, a rescue ambulance or helicopter has been called 247 times. When calculated per employee, this is three times the number of emergencies compared to the Audi plant in Ingolstadt, for example.

Arbeitsunfälle müssen in Deutschland gemeldet werden, wenn sie zu einer mindestens dreitägigen Arbeitsunfähigkeit führen. Ein schwerer Arbeitsunfall liegt vor, wenn jemand voraussichtlich mehr als sechs Wochen im Krankenhaus behandelt werden muss oder einen bleibenden Körperschaden mit Anspruch auf Unfallrente davonträgt.

Seit Fabrikeröffnung 26 Umwelthavarien bei Tesla

The Ministry of Social Affairs in Brandenburg stated that so far, seven work accidents at Tesla have been classified as severe. Three of the accidents involved Tesla employees, while four involved employees from construction or assembly companies on the construction site. „Given the size of the operation – the largest industrial site in Brandenburg – this is a normal occurrence for us,“ said a ministry spokesperson. „We have no indications that there are an excessive number of occupational safety violations occurring here.“ Tesla is regularly inspected.

IG Metall, the labor union, expressed concerns about the conditions. „We have been worried about the occupational safety at Tesla in Grünheide for quite some time,“ said the district manager for Berlin.Brandenburg und Sachsen, Dirk Schulze. 

Since its opening in March 2022, Tesla has reported a total of 26 environmental incidents. These incidents include spills of substances such as 15,000 liters of paint, 13 tons of aluminum, and in some cases, over 100 liters of diesel, according to data from the State Environmental Agency. The authorities classify these incidents as operational disruptions rather than accidents. Tesla acknowledged that there have been several incidents during construction and since the facility became operational, but stated that none of them resulted in any environmental damage.