Günstige Flüge: Die Kampfpreise sind zurück

Do you happen to have 15 euros left and a few unplanned vacation days? Then you should have checked the website of last week.Ryanair vorbeischauen sollen. Da gab es Flugtickets für den Herbst, nach Zagreb, Venedig, Manchester, London, Wien oder Krakau, für: 15 Euro. Gut, das Flugzeug hebt dann vielleicht nicht bei Ihnen in der Nähe ab. Aber wenn ein Ticket so viel kostet wie zwei Döner, kann man dafür ja auch mal eine Anreise mit der Bahn in Kauf nehmen.

It is fascinating: While the country discusses inflation, high energy prices, and expensive heating system replacements, cheap flights suddenly seem to be possible again. Because not only Ryanair offers cheap tickets as part of 24-hour discount promotions. There are also flight trips at bargain prices from the competition. Flying from Hamburg to Edinburgh in December for 22.22 euros is possible.EasyJetNo problem. WizzAir offers various destinations in Eastern Europe starting from 20 euros. And even the German Eurowings, who doesn’t like to be compared to Ryanair and others, has routes for 29.99 euros in their program.