Glattbach: Mann steckt über Nacht mit Hand im Treppenlift fest

Treppenlift (Archivbild): Erst ein Nachbar entdeckte den Mann

Treppenlift (Archivbild): Erst ein Nachbar entdeckte den Mann

Foto: Bernd Wüstneck / dpa

In Glattbach, Bavaria, a man was trapped in a stairlift for an entire night. Since the emergency call button was stuck to his hand, he was unable to call for help, as reported by the Aschaffenburg fire department.

The man had slipped from his stairlift the previous evening and got his hand stuck between the lift and the rail. It was only on Wednesday morning that a neighbor discovered the helpless man in his precarious situation and called emergency services.

The slightly injured person was rescued by emergency services and taken to a hospital, according to a police spokesperson. The officers did not provide any information about the man’s age.