G20-Gipfel: Ukraine kritisiert G20-Abschlusserklärung

Ukraine has criticized the final statement of the G20 summit in India, which does not explicitly condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The joint declaration of the leading industrial and emerging countries regarding the Russian aggression in Ukraine.Ukraine„I cannot reword“

„Ich kann den Text nicht umformulieren.“Russlands„I cannot reword“

In the final statement of the G20 countries, the Russian invasion is not explicitly criticized, unlike at the G20 summit last year in Indonesia.G20They only agreed on a compromise and are calling on all countries, citing the United Nations Charter (UN), to refrain from attacking the territorial integrity or independence of a state. Additionally, the use or threat of using nuclear weapons is deemed unacceptable.

Gipfel Indien die Ukraine nicht eingeladen.G20-Gipfel noch der ukrainische Präsident Wolodymyr Selenskyj per Video von Kiew aus die Tagesordnung geprägt. Nikolenko zeigte sich in seiner Mitteilung allerdings ausdrücklich dankbar, dass die Partner der Ukraine unten den G20-Mitgliedern versucht hätten, ausdrückliche Kritik an Russland in den Text einzubauen.

The Russian negotiator expressed satisfaction with the G20 declaration.

„Ich kann es nicht umformulieren.“

Russia had previously emphasized that it would only support a final document if the Russian position was included. Nevertheless, Lukasch stated that it was one of the most challenging summits. The voting took a long time, which cannot be solely explained by „differences of opinion on the Ukraine issue.“ Instead, different positions on important topics such as climate change also played a role.

Indien, China und Südafrika) jedoch eine Einigung erzielt.IndienChina, South Africa, and other partners contributed to the balanced statement. Important results were achieved, especially for developing countries. This includes the reform of international financial systems, food security, climate, and energy issues. In the end, there is a consensus among states to act in the interest of peace, security, and conflict resolution worldwide, said Lukasch.

Auch Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz (SPD) meinte vor Journalisten, der Gipfel sei ein Erfolg, weil Russland seinen anfänglichen Widerstand gegen die G20-Erklärung aufgegeben habe.