Flixbus is experiencing a decrease in passengers due to the Germany ticket.

Flixbus-Station in Hamburg: Ausgedünntes Angebot

Flixbus-Station in Hamburg: Ausgedünntes Angebot

Foto: Georg Wendt / dpa

The 49-euro ticket introduced in May seems to have had a negative impact on the number of passengers using long-distance buses. „We do see the effects of the Deutschlandticket on the demand for bus trips on selected routes – including from major cities to typical tourist regions,“ said a spokesperson for the transportation company Flixbus to the Düsseldorf „Rheinische Post“. Trips from Hamburg to the coast are reportedly affected. „As a result, we have reduced the services on these routes.“

Flixbus stated that it would like to be integrated into the Germany ticket. Such integration would „significantly enhance the overall offering and thus increase sales,“ according to the company.

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A spokesperson from the Federal Ministry of Transport expressed caution. The primary goal of the Germany Ticket was to „significantly increase the attractiveness of public transportation,“ she told the newspaper. „It is not designed as a long-distance travel offer.“