Fast jeden zweiten Tag wurde 2022 ein Umweltschützer getötet

According to the non-governmental organization Global Witness, 177 environmental activists were killed worldwide last year. Colombia was identified as the most dangerous country for conservationists, followed by Brazil and Mexico, as reported by the group. It was stated that 88 percent of all murders were recorded in Latin America.

Activists who oppose the agricultural industry, mining, and logging are particularly at risk, according to the report. The majority of killings are never solved, the organization reported. „Those responsible for the deadly attacks on activists have been getting away with it for far too long. Governments around the world urgently need to put an end to the senseless killing of those who defend our planet by protecting the ecosystems that play a crucial role in addressing the climate crisis,“ said Shruti Suresh, a spokesperson for Global Witness.

According to the group’s information, 1910 activists were killed between 2012 and 2022 – equivalent to one murder every two days. Indigenous people are particularly targeted: they account for over a third of the victims, despite representing only five percent of the world’s population.