Energiekosten: Mehrwertsteuer auf Gas soll schon zum Jahreswechsel steigen

Due to the high energy prices, the reduced value-added tax on gas and district heating is set to increase back to 19 percent three months earlier than originally planned. This information comes from a government spokesperson and sources from the Ministry of Finance, according to the budget draft.Bundesregierung hervor. Demnach soll die zunächst bis März 2024 befristete Sonderregelung, mit der die Ampel die Mehrwertsteuer auf sieben Prozent gesenkt hatte, nur noch in diesem Jahr gelten.

Einkommenssteuern reagiert.Energiekosten„I cannot reword“

Büchner stated that the government needs to decide if this subsidy is still necessary. The budget proposal for 2024 already assumes that it is no longer required and the measure can expire by the end of 2023. The budget proposal, which has been coordinated within the Ampel government, is now in the parliamentary process. It is expected to be finally approved in December.

The increase has been planned for some time and is supported by the entire federal government, according to the Ministry of Finance. The reduction was always intended as a short-term relief. Prices have recently fallen faster than anticipated.

The price of gas could increase by over 11 percent.

Mehrwertsteuer während der Heizsaison wird voraussichtlich zu steigenden Gaspreisen führen, wie Experten prognostizieren.MehrwertsteuerIncreasing from 7 to 19 percent raises the underlying price by 11.2 percent, assuming the tax increase is fully passed on. For a sample household with four individuals, this translates to additional costs averaging 270 euros per year.

The earlier return to the higher tax rate is expected to result in approximately 2.1 billion euros of additional tax revenue for the state coffers.