Elon-Musk-Biografie: Einen wie ihn hat die Welt wirklich noch nicht gesehen

Die vielleicht merkwürdigste und letztlich aber logischste Frage, die man sich nach der Lektüre einer wirklich sehr umfangreichen Biografie über einen Unternehmensgründer stellen kann, ist die, ob man ihn gerne als Chef haben würde. Wobei im Fall von Elon MuskThe question would be better phrased as: Whether one could endure or would want to endure working for this person.

To assist the multi-company owner Musk in realizing his ideas, some of his companies seem to be not too far away from achieving them: permanently eliminating combustion engines in cars and advancing autonomous driving (Tesla), further promoting solar energy generation (Tesla Energy, formerly SolarCity), revolutionizing space rocket technology (SpaceX), developing safe artificial intelligence for the survival of humanity (xAI), completely moving city traffic underground (The Boring Company), connecting humans with machines (Neuralink), and building friendly humanoid robots (a side project at Tesla). The ultimate goal is to make humanity a „multiplanetary civilization,“ including through Mars colonization. The current immediate goal, which is not going well, is to maintain X, formerly known as Twitter, as a functioning platform for free speech and develop it into an all-in-one app.