Dortmund-Schüren: Fußballtrainer schlägt bei E-Jugendspiel auf drei andere Trainer ein

Junge Fußballer (Symbolbild): Aggressiver Trainer erzwingt Spielabbruch und Polizeieinsatz

Junge Fußballer (Symbolbild): Aggressiver Trainer erzwingt Spielabbruch und Polizeieinsatz

Foto: Andrés Pérez Wittmann / Getty Images

A soccer coach in Dortmund-Schüren physically attacked three other coaches in front of a group of children aged eight to ten, causing injuries. The police in Dortmund announced on Sunday that the 36-year-old is being investigated for assault.

The trigger of the incident during an E-youth game on Saturday was a disputed game situation. It is customary to play without a referee in this age group. Although both teams agreed to continue playing after some discussions, the coach of the hosting team ran onto the field. He apparently disagreed with the outcome of how the game should continue.

Auf dem Platz schob der Trainer an der Diskussion beteiligte Kinder zur Seite. Andere Erwachsene eilten herbei. Der 36-Jährige nahm einen Mann in den Schwitzkasten und schlug mit Fäusten auf zwei herbeigeeilte Trainer der Gäste und seinen eigenen Co-Trainer, die die Situation beruhigen wollten, ein.

The trainer has been released „with immediate effect“.

According to the police, the 36-year-old continued to attack even when one of the men was already on the ground, in front of the children. The victims suffered some bleeding injuries and were attended to by emergency services. One of the injured individuals had to seek treatment at a hospital. The game was canceled.

A supervisor from the visiting team stated that the children now needed assistance after these experiences. He requested the police to take measures to protect the victims. The criminal police are investigating the accusation of physical assault.

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The youth leadership of the hosting club apologized to the affected individuals and the children. In a Facebook message, they stated that they distance themselves „from any form of violence, especially on the football field.“ The coach has been immediately released from his duties, and the incident will be addressed internally for the benefit of everyone involved.