Der Chatbot soll den Amtsbesuch ersetzen

DThe CDU plans to fully integrate artificial intelligence into the justice system and administration in Germany. This information is based on an unpublished position paper from the party, which has been obtained in advance by F.A.S. The paper has been approved by the expert commission on humane digitization, led by digital policy expert Ronja Kemmer, who is contributing to the party’s new fundamental program. The paper provides an initial insight into how the CDU will position itself regarding AI in its fundamental program.

„We need innovative approaches for the administration to remain functional,“ Kemmer said to F.A.S. AI can „not only relieve employees, but also simplify official procedures and thus improve people’s lives.“ For example, the paper states that chatbots could „provide immediate guidance for simple questions.“ Citizens could use AI applications for „information offerings, application processing, and objection procedures.“ In the judiciary, the CDU can imagine that AI will take over work steps in the future for „standardized claims“ such as flight delays. However, the final decision on „fundamental questions“ must still rest with humans.

The expert committee also warns about disadvantages, especially for AI start-ups, due to excessive regulation. There should be „exemptions and exceptions from bureaucratic requirements and technical documentation obligations“ in place. The digitization of administration could also strengthen start-ups if public contracts were awarded to smaller providers. Furthermore, companies and researchers should have easier access to high-performance computing centers, as well as high-quality data.

Damit niemand von den Entwicklungen abgehängt wird, schlägt die Kommission einen „KI-Grundkurs für alle“ und den stärkeren Einsatz von Digitallotsen vor. Um KI-Fachkräfte aus dem Ausland zu gewinnen, müsse die Wartezeit auf ein Visum „deutlich verkürzt werden“.