David Chalmers: Was, wenn wir bereits in einer Simulation leben?

der Stadt, führen die Linien vom Grand Central in Richtung Norden.New YorkThe red New Haven Line and the blue Harlem Line, which eventually veer slightly to the east. My train is the green Hudson Line, which always follows along the river, passing by the picturesque cliffs known as the Palisades, which rise vertically along the shore.

I am on my way to meet David Chalmers, one of the most influential consciousness researchers of our time. Since everyone is speculating about the dangers of artificial intelligence and language models like ChatGPT, there should be someone who can provide answers to the crucial questions that concern us all: Are machines truly intelligent? Can they even develop consciousness? And if so, what does that mean for us, the human species, when in the future there will be other beings populating the Earth who are much smarter and more powerful than we could ever be?