Corendon: 45 Euro für einen Platz ohne Kindergeschrei

The suitcase is finally stowed, the seatbelt tightened, the anticipation of the vacation spreads comfortably – and then the screaming starts. An overtired baby, an excited toddler with ear pain starts crying. Who doesn’t know that: Just when the airplane is struggling to climb into the clouds, the youngest passengers like to remind everyone of their presence with their voices.

The Dutch-Turkish airline Corendon now wants to spare its passengers from this noise of children – if they are willing to pay an additional fee for it. Starting in November, they will offer flights with an „Adult only“ zone on the route from Amsterdam to the Caribbean paradise of Curaçao. Only passengers aged 16 and above are allowed to sit there. The company states that this offer is primarily intended for travelers without children and business travelers. Atilay Uslu, the founder of Corendon, is convinced that this offer will help relax the emotional situation on board. „We believe that this can also have a positive impact on parents traveling with young children. They can enjoy the flight without having to worry if their children make a little more noise,“ he says.