Construction projects come to a halt.

AOn many construction sites in the country, there is not much movement. Sometimes there are even bets on whether the building will be completed or change ownership before the next phase. However, more is happening for the construction of the Elbtower in Hamburg, which is expected to become the third tallest skyscraper in Germany with 65 floors and a height of 245 meters: The construction reached 60 meters by the end of July and continues to grow taller.

Jan Hauser

Redakteur in der Wirtschaft, verantwortlich für Immobilien.

Among the many news from the real estate industry, the construction progress in Hamburger Hafencity is one of the more positive updates – certainly also for the responsible project developer, Signa Real Estate. Otherwise, it is often heard from many companies in the sector about financing difficulties, valuation declines, withdrawal from new construction, sales, and also losses.