Christian Lindner: Finanzminister sieht Stabilität durch ungesteuerte Migration bedroht

Bundesfinanzminister Christian Lindner (FDP) sieht in der hohen ungesteuerten Migration eine Gefahr für die fiskalische und gesellschaftliche Stabilität Deutschlands. „Wir machen es denen zu schwer zu kommen, die wir als Arbeitskräfte brauchen. Und wir machen es denen zu leicht zu bleiben, die von unserem Sozialstaat profitieren wollen“, sagte Lindner der Düsseldorfer Rheinischen Post.

The FDP politician demanded that „everything legally possible“ be done to „reduce the numbers of irregular immigration“. He stated that both the coalition parties and the federal states should work together towards this goal.

„I want to acknowledge that the Greens have repeatedly stepped out of their comfort zone. The migration policy differs significantly from the previous government,“ said Lindner. At least two safe countries of origin have been decided upon. However, he would „welcome it if the Greens reconsider their position.“

Lindner emphasized that Germany is a „cosmopolitan country that requires qualified immigration and takes on humanitarian responsibility for endangered people. However, this can only be socially accepted if irregular immigration is also curbed.“

The states want to secure significantly more money from the federal government for the care of refugees during a conference with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) in the autumn. The Finance Minister tempered this expectation. „The federal government has a dual message for the states: the states bear the growing burden of migration costs, but the federal government also has tasks with the Bundeswehr that have a new financial dimension,“ said the minister.

„On the other hand, we acknowledge that migration policy is a responsibility of the federal government and the states. The federal government is already heavily involved in this matter. However, it is not just about distributing the financial burdens, but primarily about establishing control. We need faster asylum procedures, increased deportations, and so on. A policy of de facto open borders would not be justifiable,“ stated Lindner.