China accuses the EU of „protectionism“ regarding electric vehicles and warns of potential „adverse consequences.“

China has expressed dismay at the European Union’s announced investigation into subsidized electric cars. The Chinese Ministry of Commerce stated that the EU’s intention is simply to „protect their own industry“ under the guise of fair competition. A spokesperson expressed concern and dissatisfaction with the matter.

On Wednesday, EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced that the EU would initiate an „anti-subsidy investigation“ due to state support for electric cars from China. „The price of these cars is artificially lowered through massive government subsidies – this distorts our market,“ she said in her State of the Union address at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. The global markets are being flooded with cheaper Chinese electric cars, which is unacceptable.

„Unverhohlenes protektionistisches Verhalten“

ChinaOn the other hand, it assumes that the investigative measures are intended to protect the European industry. According to the Ministry of Commerce, this represents „blatant protectionist behavior“ that will severely disrupt and distort the supply chains of the global automotive industry. Furthermore, this measure will have a negative impact on Sino-European economic and trade relations.

WTO vorgesehen, wird durchgeführt, um festzustellen, ob ein bestimmtes Produkt durch Subventionen aus dem Ausland zu einem unfair niedrigen Preis auf den Markt gebracht wird.EU-KommissionAnnounced, can lead to, for example, the imposition of tariffs. Currently, efforts are being made in several sectors of the economy to reduce the EU’s dependence on countries like China and protect domestic companies. In March, the European Commission presented a proposal for a law on resource supply. It aims to ensure that the EU does not remain dependent on imports from individual countries such as China for critical resources.

China bittet die EU um einen Dialog.

The Chinese Ministry of Commerce emphasized the long-standing relationships between Europe and China in the automotive industry. China’s automobile industry has developed rapidly and become more competitive, it was stated. This is the result of constant technological innovation and the establishment of a complete industrial supply chain. European car companies have invested in China for many years, and China has become the largest market for these companies.

Therefore, the country maintains an open and cooperative attitude and welcomes EU companies from the automotive sector to continue investing and expanding in China. China thus calls on the EU to engage in „dialogue and consultation“ in order to create a „fair, non-discriminatory, and predictable market environment“ for the joint development of the automotive industry.