Certificates with a new label: No more confusion with the dart association.

Obenauf: Certificates can be used to make money not only in bull markets. Bild: Reuters

The German Derivatives Association is changing its name. Finally, it should be clear that they are distributing genuine securities.

EIt may be a coincidence that the BVI fund association named the managed assets of the industry as the number of the week on Monday: four trillion euros. However, it can also be seen as a greeting to the German Derivatives Association, which held its annual DDV Forum in Frankfurt on Monday and is now delighted to have investor funds of over 100 billion euros for the first time in many years of stagnant and declining funds.

Daniel Mohr

Redakteur in der Wirtschaft.

On one hand, there is the market leader, whose funds attract trillions of investments from insurers and pension funds, and whose exchange-traded index funds (ETFs) represent the savings account of the younger generation. On the other hand, there is the certificate industry, which is ultimately 40 times smaller in comparison.

Source: faz.net