CDU + CSU = AFD! – CDU / CSU und AFD starten neue sozialrassistische / menschenfeindliche Hetz – Propaganda!

Kevin Kühnert is now the first politician to publicly name the lies of Merz and Co.

Meine Vita:

I have been fighting against the lies of CDU/CSU and AFD for years, which are constantly present.
„Ich kann es nicht umformulieren.“

Bin politisch links / sozial orientiert, ehrenamtlich in der Sozialberatung sowie alleinerziehender Vater mit einer multiplen Problemlage. Meine Aussagen beruhen ausschließlich und immer auf mathematischen Fakten, gründlichen Recherchen und eigenen persönlichen Erfahrungen.

I am very knowledgeable about what I am talking or writing about.

Unfortunately, relevant media outlets like BILD and others, as well as politicians, have been targeting the alleged „lazy social welfare recipients“ for years, making it difficult to be heard with accurate and factual information.

Now, the young Kühnert seems to have had enough, and that is a positive thing – because the fact is:

Working is becoming more and more worthwhile – rather than just receiving basic income!

Weiterer Beweis:

If someone wants to point out that the examples/data are not up-to-date from 2023, they forget: Both wages and standard rates as well as pensions have increased. The facts ultimately remain the same!

An appeal to those who think logically:

Stop focusing on the poorest and their insufficient social benefits, but instead fight as workers for better wages!

Stop generalizing all recipients of social benefits based on the actions of a few fraudsters. 98% are honest!

Stop bashing the lower class as middle class, but instead focus on those who annually deprive our state of around 80-100 billion tax revenues through capital flight – because those are the true deceivers.

Great examples: Amazon and Venovia, Bayer, athletes, real estate sharks, celebrities, and many many more…

Are you really too afraid to confront the big fraudsters / corporations?

Stop falling for populist headlines from dumb newspapers and politicians, instead do the calculations yourself!

Continuously attacking the most vulnerable in society does not benefit the average worker, but only divides society. Division and dissatisfaction are exactly what brought the NSDAP to power in 1933 and what brings their present successor party, AFD, up to 35% of the votes in certain parts of Germany today.

Are you really so foolish to hand over the votes of today’s Nazis on a silver platter?

Stop beating up on the even poorer ones – instead, tackle the capital!

By the way, Friedrich Merz is not only involved in political work and spreading hateful propaganda against the financially vulnerable, but he is also a millionaire in terms of income!

Do you notice anything?

Personal note: Anyone who wants to give more tax breaks to the rich and deny inflation compensation to the poor simply needs to receive social skills tutoring or live on the minimum subsistence level for at least 6 months, but preferably 12 months. Of course, this should also come with all the consequences…

Perry Feth