Brandmauer ade – – Rechtsrutsch – wieder mal in Thüringen

This is just the beginning! Once again in Thuringia!

CDU und FDP schmieden rechts-nationales, unsoziales Bündnis mit der rechts-extremen, faschistoiden, antisemitischen, ausländerfeindlichen und antidemokratischen AfD.

Where is this going to end?
Merz, Lindner und Söder verharmlosen den Abriss der „Brandmauer“ und begründen das mit der gemeinsam beschlossenen „Entlastung der Bürger“.

How hypocritical is that?
Lowering the real estate transfer tax will certainly not relieve those who are truly in need, such as the unemployed, single parents, low-wage earners, temporary workers, etc., who continue to struggle along the poverty line. Instead, it will only benefit those who speculate on property acquisition. As a result, the reduced tax revenue will be lacking in funding the state’s social responsibilities.
Next, one could establish a common law to eliminate support through citizen income for foreigners: this would contribute to „relieving German citizens“.

Do you really want to deceive us voters like this? Shame on you!

Ich stimme Franziska Brandmann, der Vorsitzenden der FDP-Nachwuchsorganisation Junge Liberale, in diesem Fall ausnahmsweise zu.
„I cannot reword“

PS: If one can afford it,Thanks to AFD, CDU, and FDP, the acquisition of a property for 1 million euros in Thuringia will now be relieved by 15,000 euros.

Also, ein komfortables Steuergeschenk an Wohlhabende. Da wettert der CDU-Voigt im Landtag über den Haushalt und schimpft auf die klammen Kassen Thüringens. Scheinheilig!

The voters in Thuringia now at least know what awaits them with AFD, CDU, and FDP after the elections: anti-social policies! Will some people finally wake up?