Bodo Ramelow aims to ensure that East Germans are not left in the hands of the wrong people during the German reunification.

Thüringens Ministerpräsident Bodo Ramelow(Link) calls for a stronger focus on the emotional state of people in East Germany. „The longing for recognition and equality, but also the disappointment and feeling of being left behind, must be taken more seriously than ever,“ said Ramelow before German Unity Day on October 3rd. „We do not want to leave these people to the wrong ones, we want and will win them back.“

In den 33 Jahren nach der Wiedervereinigung„Ich habe viel erreicht“, sagte Ramelow. „Aber wir müssen auch akzeptieren, dass der Prozess der Einheit weder strukturell noch mental oder emotional abgeschlossen ist.“ Die hohen Erwartungen und Hoffnungen in Bezug auf die Wiedervereinigung seien nicht immer erfüllt worden.

Many people see the reunification as a significant event.Thüringen„I cannot reword“

Brandenburg’s Minister President, Dietmar Woidke (SPD), also highlighted the ongoing injustices. The East-West debate is „not yet over“. East Germans still earn significantly less on average. Therefore, wage equalization is urgently needed, and more East Germans should be in leadership positions.

„I cannot reword“