Auf einmal sinkt die Grunderwerbsteuer

What hardly anyone in Thuringia talks about is that homeownership will become more accessible. Bild: dpa

Thüringen senkt nicht nur den Steuersatz, sondern stellt private Ersterwerber faktisch steuerfrei. Weil die AfD dafür stimmte, überlagert die Empörung die Entlastung.

DThe state of Thuringia is significantly reducing the real estate transfer tax. The initial acquisition for self-users will also be effectively tax-free – at least for regular buyers. The fact that not only the CDU’s own faction, but also FDP members and independent representatives, as well as the far-right AfD, have approved the bill, has caused a great deal of excitement. Federal politicians are once again looking indignantly towards Erfurt. Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD), who is also the lead candidate in Hesse, for example, said: „The CDU is increasingly breaking down the firewall to the right.“

The political response overshadows the financial signal coming from the state in the heart of Germany: The real estate transfer tax is adjustable in both directions, and a change does not have to be associated with an increased burden. The Thuringian state parliament decided with a brief law that it can be done differently. Article 1 determines firstly: The term „6.5 percent“ is replaced by „5.0 percent“.