Apple disagrees with French authorities: Radiation levels in iPhone 12 comply with limits.

IIn the discussion about excessive electromagnetic radiation from the iPhone 12, Apple disagreed with the French authorities on Wednesday. The smartphone complies with international limits, according to the US technology company. This has been confirmed by inspections conducted by numerous countries. The French radiation control agency, ANFR, detected a violation of the limits in their tests of the iPhone 12 and demanded a halt to the sale of the devices. They also announced plans to send employees to the US company’s stores to ensure that no more iPhone 12 units are being offered there.

„Ich bin bereit, einen Rückruf aller im Umlauf befindlichen iPhones 12 anzuordnen, wenn Apple nicht innerhalb von zwei Wochen reagiert“, sagte Jean-Noel Barrot, der Minister für die Digitalwirtschaft, der Zeitung „Le Parisien“. Die Regel gilt für alle, einschließlich der digitalen Giganten.

Möglicher Rückruf in Frankreich und Rest der EU

France will share the test results with the other European Union (EU) countries, said Barrot. They could make similar decisions like France, which could trigger a snowball effect. However, the devices are already a few years old. On Tuesday, Apple unveiled the latest generation of this smartphone, the iPhone 15. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection (BfS) has only received the information mentioned in the ANFR press release, according to their own statement. Detailed results are not yet available.

According to the information provided, ANFR examined the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). SAR indicates how much electromagnetic radiation is absorbed by a material and thus heated. According to medical studies, a high SAR from mobile phones can promote certain types of cancer. According to the agency, a SAR of 5.74 watts per kilogram was determined. The device was reportedly held in hand or placed in a pocket. The EU limit is 4.0 watts per kilogram. The limit was adhered to during measurements in jackets or shoulder bags.

„I cannot reword“

Apple: Bisherige Tests ohne Auffälligkeiten

Auf seiner Internet-Seite macht Apple die SAR für die verschiedenen Varianten des iPhone 12 öffentlich, die allesamt unter den Grenzwerten liegen. Das Unternehmen stellte der ANFR eigenen Angaben zufolge Ergebnisse zahlreicher eigener Tests und Überprüfungen durch unabhängige Labore zur Verfügung. Diese zeigten allesamt unbedenkliche Strahlenwerte.

The news comes at a difficult time for the US company: the sales of its smartphones, which contribute about half of the total revenue, are weakening worldwide. In addition, according to insiders and media reports, China has reportedly banned state employees from using iPhones at their workplaces. However, the government in Beijing denied this on Wednesday.

China leugnet ein offizielles Verbot der Nutzung von iPhones.

The Chinese government has also denied that certain authorities in the country restrict the use of Apple’s iPhone. „In China, there are no laws, regulations, or guidelines that prohibit the purchase or use of foreign-branded mobile phones, including the iPhone,“ said a spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing on Wednesday. However, there are „numerous reports“ about security issues with the Apple device.

The „Wall Street Journal“ reported last week that Chinese authorities have banned their employees from using iPhones for work purposes. This is to prevent espionage. In some cases, employees are not allowed to bring their Apple smartphones to their workplace anymore. As a result, the stock of the US company plummeted. China is the company’s most important market outside the USA.

The government spokesperson essentially contradicted the „WSJ“ report. Foreign and Chinese companies are treated „equally“ in China, she said. However, there have been reports of „security issues related to the iPhone,“ she added without elaborating further. The government’s denial also does not rule out the possibility that there may have been oral instructions in some agencies regarding the use of iPhones.