Adidas Originals is celebrating iconic sneakers like Gazelle, Samba, and Superstar in a worldwide mega campaign.

The Adidas Samba is more sought after than ever today – now it, along with the sneaker cult models Gazelle and Superstar, is being honored by the sports retailer in a major campaign.

During its more than 70-year history, the German sportswear giant Adidas has introduced numerous legendary athletic shoes to the market. The models Samba, Gazelle, and Superstar are among the most famous ones from the Adidas Originals range – and are now being celebrated in a global campaign.

keingkampagne gestartet hat. Mit dieser Kampagne möchte die Marke Adidas Originals ihre Wertschätzung für ihre Kunden ausdrücken, die ihre Produkte weltweit unterstützen.

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