According to a forecast, a pro-Russian party is leading in the Slovakian election.

Robert Fico auf den ersten Platz. Sie lehnt eine Fortsetzung der Unterstützung der Ukraine durch das Militär ab.Robert Fico auf 23,7 Prozent.

Die liberale Partei Progressive SlowakeiAccording to EU Vice-President Michal Šimečka, it received 15.7 percent of the votes. In initial projections, the EU and Ukraine-friendly party had been slightly ahead of Smer-SD.

The distance between the two parties is expected to decrease until all votes are counted. Initially, the smaller communities were counted, where the Fico party is traditionally strong. On the other hand, the capital city Bratislava and other cities, where the counting takes longer, are considered liberal. According to preliminary information, voter turnout was 67.9 percent.

Given the expected outcome, forming a government is likely to be difficult. Fico and his Smer party would rely on coalition partners to achieve a majority in the 150-seat parliament in Bratislava. The decisive factor is likely to be the more liberal Social Democrats who split from the Fico party, led by former Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini. His party, called Voice – Social Democracy (Hlas-SD), could help secure a comfortable majority or prevent it, together with small bourgeois parties. Hlas-SD currently ranks third with 15.3 percent of the votes. Unlike Fico, Pellegrini supports military assistance to theUkraine.

Richtungsweisend für die Demokratie

The election was seen as crucial for the democracy in Slovakia and its stance towards Russia and the EU. If the Fico party were to win, it would be uncertain whether the EU and NATO member state would continue its current military assistance to Ukraine in its fight against Russia. Slovakia has provided Ukraine with MiG fighter jets, among other things. Smer-SD leader Fico had already stated before the election that he intended to halt military aid and advocate pro-Russian positions.

Fico war bereits von 2006 bis 2010 und von 2012 bis 2018 slowakischer Regierungschef. 2018 musste er nach der Ermordung des Journalisten Ján Kuciak und dessen Verlobter zurücktreten. Kuciak hatte zu Verbindungen zwischen der italienischen Mafia und Ficos Regierungspartei recherchiert. 

Since 2018, a total of four prime ministers have alternated in office. Following the collapse of the center-right government, a transitional government consisting of technocrats and civil servants has been in power since May.